General incorporated foundation Karuizawa New Art Museum(hereinafter, “We”) set a high value on protecting our customer’s personal information. We promise to protect your important personal information under the privacy policy below.

1. Collecting your personal information]
We shall specify the purpose of use as much as possible upon handling personal information. In principle, we only collect the personal data directly from the person himself/herself.

2. Specifying purpose of use
The purpose of the collecting information will be clarified at the time of request and with the agreement of the customer, only appropriate information will be collected. We will use personal information within the scope of use clarified at the time of request and only to the extent necessary for conducting its business.
We only provide personal information to third parties under the following circumstances.
- Where the customer agrees to the provision.
- Where the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and
ordinances permit the provision.

3. Limitation of provision to a third party
We shall not provide personal information to a third party without consent from the person except the provision of personal information is based on laws.

4. Security control
We shall take necessary control of security for personal information protection. We make sure that we protect personal information from unauthorized access.

5. Correction of personal data
We shall respond to all disclosure, revision and/or discontinuation requests of personal data as prompt as possible.

6. Opinions and inquiries regarding to our privacy policy
In order to abide the rules above-mentioned thoroughly, we ensure full awareness and commitment on our privacy policy. We shall respond to the requests, opinions and inquires about our privacy policy and we shall make effort to improve the policy if necessary.

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