【Museum】Handmade Washi Workshop during Golden Week: Lobster Scooping with Uchiwa Fans

This workshop is related to the Philip Colbert exhibition.
Using the technique of traditional Japanese paper making, participants scoop lobsters with a fan and dry them to make an original fan.

Make your own original uchiwa (Japanese paper fan)!!.

The workshop will be held near the main entrance corridor of the museum.
Like scooping goldfish at Japanese festivals “matsuri”, visitors will scoop up lobsters swimming in a “paper source” and make them into Japanese paper fans.

We hope you will join us.

April 29 (Sat.), 30 (Sun)
May 3 (Wed.)~7 (Sun), 2023

Target: All ages
Workshop time: about 1 hour (including drying time, etc.)
Fee: 300 yen
Location: Entrance to Karuizawa New Art Museum
*No reservation is required, but please understand that there may be a wait.

Further information about the exhibition from the following Lobster Cactus.