【Museum】The New Exhibition: The World of Kazuharu Hanada 2-Dialogue with Nature-made a new start!

On April 17th (Sat) 2021, Karuizawa New Art Museum has started the new exhibition: The World of Kazuharu Hanada- Dialogue with Nature.
As a sequel to the exhibition, “The World of Kazuharu Hanada”(held during 2020.11.14-2021.3.28)undisclosed works that were impossible to be shown in the previous exhibition will be presented with a deeper study of creativity in Hanada’s works.

Come and visit us if you could travel to Karuizawa!
Please check this new page↓↓↓ and visit us to discover the artist’s world; Kazuharu Hanada!!
The World of Kazuharu Hanada “Dialogue with Nature”
“Eimi’s FANTASY” 2005 Oil on canvas