Yoshiaki Nakamura: Voices of the Forest

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2023.06.24 - 2023.07.23
10:00 - 17:00 


2023.06.24 - 2023.07.23
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10:00 - 17:00

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About the Exhibition

The seemingly tranquil forest is filled with various sounds, such as wild deer with acute hearing, trees, and fungi. The moon illuminates all creatures, and the symbiosis within the forest connects species, resembling a dialogue. They form a complex network, similar to our human society.
- Yoshiaki Nakamura

Whitestone Karuizawa is delighted to present "Voices of the Forest," a solo exhibition by Yoshiaki Nakamura.
Yoshiaki Nakamura, having an innate hearing disability, has communicated with others through faint sounds, lip-reading, and gestures since childhood. For him, who has always imagined sounds and explored the relationship between words and real images, dialogue difficulties mirror those of a traveler in deep forests and mountains.

This exhibition aims to represent the "Voices of the Forest." Nakamura explores the boundaries between hearing and vision, the points of contact and limits of dialogue between people, and the unknown possibilities that transcend these boundaries. He also examines how materials, sounds, and words interact within the realm of hearing and vision, as well as the differences in perception between the worlds of sound and silence.

Nakamura has encountered misunderstandings in dialogue due to his hearing difficulties. He believes that from these experiences, new values and meanings emerge. Miscommunication is not negative; it provides clues for problem-solving and the development of advanced ideas. Communication problems can happen to anyone, big or small. In this exhibition, Nakamura presents an image of the "difficulty of dialogue—the essence of communication" that only he can express. This offers viewers a fresh perspective on how "misunderstandings" can occur, encourages them to question their own preconceptions, and provides an opportunity to accept and empathize with others.


Yoshiaki Nakamura

Nakamura successfully completed his doctoral studies in Japanese painting at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015 followed by his graduate studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in the United States, which he completed in 2020.
Through his artistic endeavors, Nakamura explores the domains of sound and communication, delving into their intersections and limitation within human interactions. Even in his early Nihonga works, he subtly addresses the boundaries that separate one's individuality from others. In December 2012, Nakamura underwent a cochlear implant procedure in his right ear, resulting in significant transformations in his perception of speech, vision, and time. This profound experience has had a strong influence on his current artistic expressions, particularly in terms of color, space, and linguistic sensibilities.


2018-2020 Maryland Institute College of Art, M.F.A in Mount Royal School of Art
2011-2015 Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan Ph.D. in Japanese Painting

2021 Fellowship Artist-in-Residence Program at Franconia Sculpture Park (Selected Residency)
2020 Mount Royal Friendship (Graduating award at MICA)
2019 US-Japan Creative Arts Fellowship
2019 The Program of Overseas study for Upcoming Artists Fellowship (Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japanese Government)
2018 The Leslie King Hammond Graduate Fellowship (MICA)
2009 The Ikuo Hirayama Fellowship
2009 The public collection of Tokyo Taito-ku (Graduating award at Tokyo University of the Arts)

2022 Solo exhibition, Whitestone Gallery, Ginza New Gallery (Tokyo)
2021 Solo exhibition, Wave Pool Gallery, the upstairs space (Cincinnati)
2021 Solo exhibition, The Welcome Project (Cincinnati) 木timberland 木 project
2021 Solo exhibition, Visionaries + Voices Gallery (Cincinnati)
2021 Solo exhibition, Julio Fine Arts Gallery, Loyola University (Baltimore)
2020 “A roving presence” , Residency Program (Baltimore)
2019 “Bodily Constructs” , The group exhibition (Baltimore)
2013-2017 “Group Horizon” , Takashimaya Co., Japanese Painting, The group exhibitions (Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka)
Tokyo University of the Arts, Taito City Collection