Irreplaceable-Earth, Landscape, Environment


2024.04.13 - 2024.09.29
Karuizawa New Art Museum
Room1 - Room 6 on the second floor
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Exhibition Section

About the Exhibition

The year 2024 began with a serious earthquake on the Noto Peninsula. Every few years, a major disaster strikes our country and has a huge impact on our lives.
From a larger perspective, the landscapes we see may be precious and irreplaceable amidst the various problems occurring in the world, such as global warming, resource depletion, and destruction caused by war. This time, the museum will exhibit various artistic expressions and materials that address the earth, environment, and nature.
We hope that through viewing this exhibition, visitors will rediscover the beauty and splendor of the environment, nature, and landscapes, and that they will be inspired to take action to prevent the loss of these irreplaceable things in the future.

" Irreplaceable: Earth-Landscape-Environment" Exhibition Highlights

Room 1 Earth

Fuller, who viewed the earth as a spaceship, and the ecology that emerged from his ideas, are introduced, along with works and materials on the theme of the earth and natural phenomena from the 1960s to the 1970s.
Buckmunster Fuller Spaceship Earth Pilot's Manual, Yukihisa Isobe everyday is Earth Day, Mutsumi Hagiwara Earthshade, Go Yayanagi and Stuart Brand Whole Earth Catalog.

Room 2 Landscape
Various landscape paintings featuring nature, a major theme of art
Kazuyuki Futagawa, Kazuharu Hanada, Yuji Sasaki, and others

Room 3 Shan shui (Another Landscape)
Landscape paintings depicting imaginary landscapes and bonsai developed under the influence of these paintings. Kano Hogai, Kimura Busan, Takashima Hokkai, Yo Hayakawa (Japanese-style painting works and research illustrations), Osamu Watanabe
Bonsai and bonsai-related materials (tray stones, ukiyoe, and other boxed gardens), Contemporary art works using stones

Room 4 Environment (Land Art)
Works that use nature and the environment to express themselves Christo & Jeanne Claude Running Fence (Mayslels Film)
Land Art Project Materials, Books
Ryosaku Miyasaka Drawing the character for soil “土“with soil on soil, A Fire Festival (video and photographs, paintings, etc.)
Cherezkin, Ecology (poster)

Room 5 Various Approaches
A group of works developed in nature and motifs of nature CHARAN-PO-RANTAN, Sayo Nagase CLARITY II
Natsuyuki Nakanishi G/Z to May IV, Erika Kobayashi Trinity, Trinity, Trinity (book, novel) the Forest of Wild Birds (painting) GUN Event to change the image of snow, Mike Tyka Landscape painting by AI Charles and Ray Eames Power of Ten

Room 6 Memories of the Ancient Times
daisy* ancient aquarium (coelacanth video by AI)



Mutsumi Hagihara
earth shadow/ twilight, 2024, An image extracted from her Video work

GUN Event to Change the Image of Snow, 1970, Photo (Giclee Prints)

Ryosaku Miyasaka
Drawing the character for soil “土“with soil on soil, 2023, An image extracted from his Video work ©羽永光利(Mitsutoshi Hanaga)


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