The World of Kazuharu Hanada "Colors and Shapes, Humor and Poesy"
: A painter who always loved the Northern land and sea.


2020.11.14 - 2021.03.28
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2020.11.14 - 2021.01.11
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2021.01.23 - 2021.03.28
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Karuizawa New Art Museum is delighted to present The World Of Kazuharu Hanada "Colors and Shapes, Humor and Poesy", from the exhibition series "Worldwide Artists of Asia with Continuous Evaluation from Today's perspective" that we focused on the artists who should be paid attention now from our own point of view.

In 1946 Kazuharu Hanada (1946-2017) was born in Sapporo city in Hokkaido. In 1965, he entered Tokyo University of the Arts where he studied under Ryohei Koiso (1903-1988). After he completed the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts in 1971, he returned to Sapporo in 1974 and then continued his art works in Hokkaido until his death in 2017.
After going back home, Hanada who had tried geometric paintings since he was in school, worked on paintings with bright surfaces composed of squares. After a while, he created an expression in which nature in Hokkaido and his daily life are picked up as theme and their essence was abstracted into simple forms. While he was influenced by the tide such as the postwar abstract expressionism or hard edge, he had a great interest in Rimpa school, Heihachiro Fukuda (1892-1974), a painter of the Kyoto art circles, and others. His expression, supported by poetic sensibility grasping familiar phenomena with rich lyricism and clear visual effect, stands out filled with unusual sense of refreshing among the numerous abstract paintings drawn after the war in Japan.

In this exhibition, the trajectory of Hanada's expression is introduced with about 100 works and related documents from his early period to his later years collected with the extensive cooperation of his bereaved family.

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The World of Kazuharu Hanada Exhibition Views taken by 360°Camera

Let us introduce his works from here.
#1 The World of Kazuharu Hanada
#2 The Day of Search
#3 Profile of the Artist
#4 With the Nature of Hokkaido in the late1980s
#5 In Daily Life in the 1990s
#6 The Place Where He Finally Reached

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Eimi's FANTASY, 2005, Oil on canvas, 112.1 × 162.1 cm


Kazuharu Hanada


Year  Age  Description

1946      Born as the second son, the youngest child among 7 siblings of his father Goro Hanada and his mother Yoshi in Sapporo city, Hokkaido.
1965 19 Enrolls in the Department of Oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. Studies under Ryohei Koiso.
1969 23 Graduates from the Department of Oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. Enters in Oil Painting course of Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts.
1972  26   Visits Europe for three months. Travels southward from Nordic countries to Napoli in Italy.
1974  28  Returns to Sapporo.
1975 29  Works as an adjunct lecturer at Hokkaido Women’s Junior College until March 1983.
1976  30  Works as a teacher at Hokkaido Academy of Formative Arts. Becomes a chief instructor in 1987 and retires in 1996.
1978 32 Stays in the United States for one month to broaden his knowledge in art.
1979  33  Works as an adjunct lecturer at Fuji Women's Junior College until 1992.
1982  36  “The 9th Association of Ecole Abstract’s Artists in Hokkaido” (Sapporo Tokei-dai Gallery
Exhibits To Forest. Becomes a member of its group.
1991  45  Works as an adjunct lecturer at Sapporo Ootani Junior College until 2008.
2006  60 “Art in Hokkaido-Those 100 pieces” (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art)
2011 65   “Exhibition “A★MUSE★LAND★TOMORROW 2012 in MIGISHI MUSEUM- Marl the Ghost and the Wonders of Paintings” (Migishi Kotaro Museum of Art, Hokkaido)
2012  66  “Solo Exhibition “A★MUSE★LAND★TOMORROW 2012 in MIGISHI MUSEUM- Marl the Ghost and the Wonders of Paintings” (Migishi Kotaro Museum of Art, Hokkaido)
2014 68 Receives the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.
2017  71   Passes away.


Apron, 1975, Oil on canvas, 193.9 × 81.0 cm

Wave-3, 1990, Oil on canvas, 71.0 × 227.0 cm

Opened Window, 1993, Oil on canvas, 65.4 × 130.5 cm


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