Art is Science


2017.04.29 - 2017.09.18
Karuizawa New Art Museum
Exhibition Room (2nd Floor)
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Exhibition Section

About the Exhibition

Japanese industry and scientific technology had dramatically developed after World War II. Automobiles and home appliances widely diffused to the society at the time as new technologies emerged. Over the past seventy years, industries made progress in efflorescence of IT and computer culture. Nowadays it is taken for granted that we live in an environment with various products of high technologies.
With the rise of science and technology, our lifestyle has been insidiously changed. We now notice that the mutation would influence our esthetic sensibility and contributes to its diversity.
In this show “Art is Science”, we would like to feature artistic expressionism which emerged from the advancement of scientific technology, and the future which grows along with it. From the early 20th century to the post-war period, there had been use of scientific technology in artworks as experimental attempts. And we see in recent days the introduction of latest technologies in art to embody imaginations and ideas in conceptual aspects. We can also observe the progress in scientific technology in the fields of media art. Nam June Paik who had applied video as a medium of art, is now well known as the pioneer of introducing video in the fields of art. As Computer Graphics kept evolving and personal computers became wider-spread, such field came to be no longer professional and became more familiar to our daily life. Today we see in museums various forms of media, including devices such as videos. Among all, devices utilized for interactive exhibitions are currently on spotlight, where visitors experience new via physicals senses. The form and genre of contemporary art still continues to diversify.
In the current exhibition, we would like to show new horizon in contemporary art, the installation of scientific technology in which artists have been challenging for the past few decades.

Marcel Duchamp
Joe Johns
Atsuko Tanaka
Yutaka Matsuda
Kengo Kito
Naoko Tosa
Shimon Yotsuya
Hiroshi Araki
Yoichiro Kawaguchi
Nam June Paik
Haruki Nishijima
Seiei Jack
Yang Yongliang
the eye-catching image:
Marcel Duchamp, 《Anémic cinéma》 1925-26
Courtesy of “ Unseen-Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941”,
a film preservation collaboration between Anthology Film Archives and Deutsches Filmmuseum
and generously supported by Cineric, Inc. www.unseen-cinema.com


Guided tours for children and their parents
Date/time : May 5-7,2017


Naoko Tosa《Genesis》©Naoko Tosa courtesy Ikkan Art Gallery

Haruki Nishijima《Remain In Light》Photo: Ian Mott