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The Karuizawa New Art Museum’s mission is focused on reframing Japanese artwork into a global conversation on artistic innovation. The museum works to spread knowledge domestically and internationally regarding superb Japanese art, in particular work made during Japan’s post-war period. In addition to celebrated Japanese artists, museum exhibitions include both historical and cutting-edge new art from around the world, rising to meet the expectations of an increasingly global audience. The museum is very active in acquiring innovative artwork for its collection, including for example the Gutai Art Collective, which has been the subject of great international acclaim in recent years.

Architect Rikuo Nishimori designed the museum building as a space fully encased in glass, with white pillars that resemble an elegant larch forest inside. The design’s natural rhythm blends comfortably into Karuizawa’s beautiful highland resort landscape. Designed in 2007 as a business facility, the space has been thoroughly renovated for its renewal as a world-class art museum. In addition to art institutions, Karuizawa has a wealth of cultural facilities, and through their cooperation we aim to establish the city as a destination for experiencing the arts and other culture. With the support of the Promotional Council for Karuizawa – International City of Arts and Culture, the Karuizawa New Art Museum is organizing events in partnership with local communities to help achieve this goal.