Sankei mail magazine: Let’s go to the museum 1 “Get close to the charm of one of leading artists in Asia, Ronald Ventura”

The article 1 in Mail magazine on August 25th, 2021

Get close to the charm of Ronald Ventura, the representative contemporary artist in Asia

The first large-scale exhibition of Ronal Ventura (1973- ), Filipino artist leading world art scene, is now held in Japan.
His works are composed of various motifs reflecting modern society, which are combined intricately.
The group of works mirroring images of the present day is created by his prominent level of technique and own sense, which have been recognized universally.

Ronald Ventura, Smile 2021 Oil on canvas, 121.9×182.8cm

Sometimes people say, “Contemporary art is difficult to appreciate,” however,
his works have a range of factors of modern society including popular characters of anime and comics familiar to everyone, animals, people, machines, etc. They were blended with his own point of view and reconstructed as a painting and a sculpture showing varied expressions such as humor, seriousness, and so on, which can be enjoyable to see from a unique perspective.

Ronald Ventura, Bobro 2018 Fiberglass, resin, acrylic, gold leaf, 317.5×165.1×137.2cm

This time, Ventura himself planned the display suited for each exhibition space in Karuizawa Art Museum.
We believe that you will have a moment of time like traveling around six wonderlands each of which was composed differently with their respective global view.

Ronald Ventura, COMICOSMIC 2 2020 Oil on canvas, Resin frame, fiberglass, 96.5×78.7cm

As Karuizawa is renowned for summer retreat, we look forward to seeing you hoping that all visitors can enjoy not only the exhibition spaces but other areas in the museum during tourist season.
The first floor has a bookstore with a collection of about 6,000 books in a variety of genre focusing on art, in which you can enjoy reading with drinks that you take out from a café next-door.
We would appreciate it if you could spend your wonderful summer holiday at
Karuizawa New Art Museum.

Book cafe

(Karuizawa New Art Museum Director Eichi Matsuhashi)

Title: Ronald Ventura-An Introspective
Period: 2021.08.07 – 2022.04.10
Venue: Karuizawa New Art Museum
Exhibition Space 1 to 6 (2nd Floor)
【Planning and Sponsorship】
Ronald Ventura Studio, General incorporated Foundation Karuizawa New Art Museum Cooperation, SANKEI SHIMBUN CO., LTD
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