Ronald Ventura – An Introspective : Epilogue

For his Karuizawa New Art Museum show, Filipino artist Ronald Ventura looks back and looks forward at the same time.
The word “An introspective” in the title of this exhibition means to look at one’s own behaviour “objectively” and to change one’s thoughts and actions. The exhibition is designed to give a bird’s eye view of the artist’s journey through life, looking at his past and future, while at the same time showing in each room how he is currently working on his paintings, sculptures and installations.

Thus Ventura has this never-ceasing take and retake on self-expression.

It is not a retrospective per se, he points out. It is not as if a specific era his art practice had died and the carcass of which had been installed for all to see. Not a museum of dead things, but rooms of artworks captured in their evolution into something else. And that something else not even the artist knows. Only tomorrow dictates its breathtaking beauty or its tempestuous terror.

By IGAN D’BAYAN Ventura’s Friend, Artist-Writer

(Edited by Karuizawa New Art Museum, Curator, Namino Ishikawa)