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Exhibition Space 6
Humor and Poesy

Hanada’s geometric and rather cool painting style had gradually changed in his later years.

Until then, visual landscapes, people, materials and so on were reconstructed into his own colorful and simple style, however, in 2000’s, he started to create works which make people feel nostalgic, romantic, poetic and humorous.

It is extremely wonderful that many works filled with memories and affections were created in his final stage as an artist and it could be said that the works in this period would be memorized as the goal of Hanada’s art for long time.


A strange light blue shape wafting in the color of deep blue.

This work features winter night sky, seen from a window, as the motif.

The shape of the cloud illuminated by moonlight looked like a “Upside down elephant” for his four-year old granddaughter, Eimi, who was living with him at that time.

Hanada made such heart-warming communication into the painting filled with humor.

The frame of the window turned into the black outline on the left side of the screen, stars became red and blue pieces, and the moon changed to a white semicircle. Beyond the window, that is the painting, fantasy world expands.

Kazuharu Hanada, Eimi’s FANTASY, 2005, Oil on canvas 112.1×162.1cm

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