【MUSEUM】Petit Guide to the Exhibition Room 5 from ” The World of Kazuharu Hanada Dialogue with Nature”

Exhibition Space 5
The Infinite World Expanding from the Window in the Atelier

As mentioned in Hanada’s essay, there was a small window in his atelier, from which the artist had developed his imagination about various things.

If we look at some works left, it seems that the small window becomes the gateway to the infinite world, through which various worlds are developed, and then each world grows into the different works from which our imagination also expand.

Residential Quarter with Crocus in Full Bloom,  Opened Window

There was a small garden outside of his atelier, where he enjoyed growing flowers.
This work expresses such a feeling of enjoyment.
The works, composed of various colored squares, are his representative series which continued from his early period. He created the works in this style at that time, too, which are the paintings of familiar scenes such as the window, the garden, etc.
If you look at the work, Opened Window, you will notice that his initial strict style with flat colored plains and no brush strokes left had changed to a little rougher and comfortable style with visible brushworks.

Kazuharu Hanada, Residential Quarter with Crocus in Full Bloom (Upper photo) Silk screen on paper, 22.4×18.0cm,

 Opened Window (Lower photo) Oil on canvas, 65.4×130.5㎝, both works produced in 1993

By the Window

When we confirmed an exhibition of this work with the bereaved, in the beginning, they answered that the house of the owner was burned down by fire and the work had been destroyed.

Later, they contacted the owner, and then found out that he still owned the work on hand. Consequently, we could borrow the work this time and exhibit it for viewers.

Although many household goods and books were destroyed by fire, this work was taken out and escaped from disaster miraculously, which is dramatic.

If you compare this work with the photograph of the window, you will find that he did not use usual abstract expression, however, he painted the actual window faithfully.

Some birds are flying outside of the window, and in such a peaceful scene, Hanada, watching far distance, seems to place his thought on these birds.

The owner of the work sent us a comment that the birds appeared to be moving.

By the Window
, 2003-05, Oil on canvas, 72.8×60.0 ㎝, alongside a picture showing the window of his atelier



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