The Exhibition Tsuyoshi Maekawa has come to an end.

In October 4th (Sun) 2020, Karuizawa New Art Museum has closed the Exhibition TSUYOSHI MAEKAWA: “Dongoros”is animated by Maekawa.Maekawa expresses through the pure abstraction of colors, forms, and materials showing as they really are.
Thank you very much for your visiting and your interest in this show.

The next exhibition: The World of Kazuharu Hanada- Colors and Shapes, Humor and Poesy- from the series < Worldwide Artists of Asia with Continuous Evaluation from Today's Perspective> is going to be held from the middle of November.
We will keep the information about it uploaded accordingly.
Please be patient with the new show.

While waiting for the next let’s have a look Exhibition on the Web! from our previous show.
Thank you!