Report about the RAINBOW DINNER SHOW on June 8th, 2019

On June 8th(Sat)、Karuizawa New Art Museum had a Rainbow Dinner Show to celebrate Ay-O’s 88th birthday.
It was a rare occasion to play again the show of the period with the artist in person.

The menu of the Rainbow Full Course Dinner orgnanised by Ay-O was the following:
First Course- Viollet cocktail
Second Course- Blue sea water from cony island beach and a shrimp/a flounder and non name fish.
Third Course- Green vegetable that we got this morning.
Forth Course- Yellow sauce with beaf-cowes’hearts, lambs’hearts, ox-tail and pig from Atlantic and Pacific ocean company.
Fifth Course- Orange.
Sixth Course- Wash your finger by Red water.

The last dish was a piece of his birthday cake that Ay-o had cut in half before this dinner with a scale in the performance “Halving Piece”, was later served to paritcipants as a dessert.
After that the revival performaneces continued for about an hour.

We are grateful that this event was actually and faithfully realized in Karuizawa and
we would like to say thak you to all, including Mr.Ay-O the pivot of this show, the staffs of Gallery 360°, all performers and the chef of the restaurant PIETRINO! Without their cooperation it would not be possible to have this event!
And we’re glad to see the participants enjoyed it!

Thank you very much!!

Ay-O Halving Piece
《Halving Piece》

Birthday cake
Birthday cake for the artist cut in half!

Ay Oさん
Mr.Ay-O wearing a black hat with a rainbow flag

A real Rainbow Dinner!