TSUYOSHI MAEKAWA: "Dongoros"is animated by Maekawa.Maekawa expresses through the pure abstraction of colors, forms, and materials showing as they really are.


2020.02.08 - 2020.06.28
Karuizawa New Art Museum
Exhibition Room (2nd Floor)
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About the Exhibition

Karuizawa New Art Museum is pleased to announce the solo exhibition” TSUYOSHI MAEKAWA" from our series < Worldwide Artists of Asia with Continuous Evaluation from Today's Perspective> from February 8th, 2020 .
Maekawa focused on loosely woven thick cloth, “Dongoros”, a material for burlap sacks, and created an expression having elements of both a picture and a three-dimension art by setting torn and pleated “Dongoros” on a screen.

When “Gutai Art Association” was established, Jiro Yoshihara (1905-1972), a leader of the group, excluded narrativity accompanying artworks, and advocated an importance of a material itself. You can say that Maekawa is an artist who materialized a thought, “Gutai Art imparts life to matter”, the Gutai Art Manifesto * in 1956, carried by Yoshihara at that time.

Even after 1972, the year “Gutai” was dissolved, Maekawa consistently has concerned about materials and created artworks using various clothes, such as fine, thin and soft hemp cloth and cotton. Maekawa has also been a designer and left experimental artworks with excellent design. He has worked in a search for formation using shapes and colors. In recent years, he has used “Dongoros” again and developed a new phase of works by blending roughness of materials and sophisticated formation.

His works have been highly evaluated in the world. They are collected in museums in each country such as Tate Modern in Britain and received many awards.
In this exhibition, his recent works, created after 2000, including the latest works to be shown for the first time in public, are mainly introduced. The present days of Tsuyoshi Maekawa who actively continues his works even now are also introduced.

* Translated by Reiko Tomii. Originally published as “Gutai bijutsu sengen,” Geijutsu Shinchō 7, no. 12 (December 1956), pp. 202–04.

On the occasion of this exhibition, the text entitled "Why Do I Create Paintings?" written by Tsuyoshi Maekawa
 Introduction by Director Eiichi Matsuhashi