Exhibition on the Web!


Dear all, interested in Karuizawa New Art Museum

Let us introduce artworks from the current Maekawa exhibition!
Please enjoy discovering Maekawa’s world, so to speak, the universe of the grand Master of a variety of cloths!

Here is the list of works (To be uploaded in series):

#0 A Gate-shaped piece: Work (No.2001007)

#1 Paintings with burlap: Work (No.161244)

#2 Paintings in Hemp cloth: Work (No.151026)

#3 Funny formative design Work (No.170711)

#4 Vivid Colors Work (No. 171205)

The next is → #5

Exhibition Views taken by 360° camera A9225BF8-9F59-46A1-8342-7D714873A971
From above:Cotton, hemp cloth, burlap”Dongoros”

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