Concerning the prevention of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) and some favors from the museum 

Karuizawa New Art Museum is taking the following measures to counter the COVID-19.

1.We kindly ask visitors to avoid entering the museum for the people who have symptoms of a cold including fever and cough.
2. Around the entrance the alcohol antiseptic solution is equipped. Please feel free to use it.
3.We kindly ask you to remind of wearing a mask. Mask is available at the reception if the visitors do not have one.
4. We ventilate constantly the air in museum.
5. The exhibited works people can touch are not actually on display.
6. Museum do not run on any reservation system and any admission limit, when if there are many people who happen to come temporarily admission restricting measures will be taken.
7. All staffs in museum deal with directly visitors, wearing a mask and using a vinyl sheet on the reception counter.
8. In book café and museum shop we temporarily stop the visitors from drinking and eating.
9. Disinfectants are regularly used during cleaning, especially in locations like balustrade, display cases and book shelves frequented by large numbers of people.
10. Museum is reducing the opening hours.

Museum observe the listed above regulations “the guideline in response to prevent the spread of COVID-19” given by Japanese Association of Museum.

We thank all of our visitors for your understanding and cooperation.

〇 Karuizawa New Art Museum is actually open as usual, however, depending upon the possible measures to be taken by the government and prefectures it occurs to close the museum temporarily.
Please check in advance our homepage for the latest information before visiting the museum.