October 5(Mon)-mid November, 2020 (TBD) :NOTICE OF TEMPORARY MUSEUM CLOSE for art work replacement

Due to the preparation for the next exhibition, Museum spaces 1 to 6 on the second floor is closed during the following term:
October 5 (Mon) – the middle of November, 2020.

However, Museum Shop, gallery on the 1st floor and KEY’S CAFE & Ristorante Pietrino are open as normal on these days.
Thank you for your understanding.

The next exhibition: The World of Kazuharu Hanada- Colors and Shapes, Humor and Poesy- from the series < Worldwide Artists of Asia with Continuous Evaluation from Today's Perspective> is going to be held from the middle of November.
Thank you very much for your continuous interest in the Museum!
Please be patient with the new show.