#4 Exhibition Space 4 Vivid Colors

In Exhibition Space 4, we introduce Maekawa’s works of cotton in vivid colors, which are strikingly eye-catching.

The works of cotton which can be called Maekawa’s third style.
They have soft atmosphere created by gentle lines of pin-tucks coupled with vivid color tones.
They look like ocean, which gives us a feeling that some story will start.

In fact, this work does not draw something concreate.
And because this is nothing, so there will be a possibility that it can be anything.
Viewers are free for what they accept and what they feel from the works.

In this exhibition, this series of works is displayed in the exhibition space 4 where bright outside light comes from windows facing south.
Please enjoy the space where nature in Karuizawa and graceful art works blend together.

【Top Image】
Work (No. 171205), 2009, 60.0×240.0cm, Cotton cloth, sew, acrylic

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TSUYOSHI MAEKAWA: “Dongoros”is animated by Maekawa.Maekawa expresses through the pure abstraction of colors, forms, and materials showing as they really are.

Period: February 8(sat)-June 28(sun), 2020.
July 4th (Sat)~ The extended session has been closed on October 4.
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