#1. Paintings with burlap Work (No.161244)

In the exhibition Space #1, Tsuyoshi Maekawa’s paintings with “Burlap”, his representative style of painting, are introduced.

Burlap is a loosely woven thick cloth used for making a gunny sack and its character is rough texture. Maekawa makes his works by cutting burlap into slender pieces, folding them like pleats, binding with glue and then pouring paints from above. The texture of burlap with abundant wildness is maximized, and besides, coupling with bright colors of paints, all his works are spectacular. Curious to say, if you feel the strength of this material, you will be inspired by that for some reason.



Image:Work (No.161244), 2015-16, 162.0×195.0cm, Burlap, oil, acrylic

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#0 A Gate-shaped piece: Work(No.2001007)

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